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C-CDA to JSON to MongoDB using MDHT & Mirth

Recently I stumbled across a very good tutorial on how to Parse CCDs in Mirth using MDHT (Model Driven Health Tools). This tutorial will help you setting up the Mirth to use MDHT lib. http://www.spheregen.com/parsing-continuity-of-care-ccd-using-mirth-and-mdht/

It was such an easy to implement the tutorial that it inspired me to do a POC with MDHT & Mirth and I thought of converting Consolidated CDA documents to json.

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Mirth Client - Android

With this post I wish to share a really exciting research/development to have a Mirth Dashboard on interface administrator’s mobile device (Android device in this case).

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HL7 Viewer - Android App

As I am going deeper into open source technologies I am gaining more & more interest.

Continuing my research on implementing HL7 with different technologies, I have implemented a simple HL7 Viewer on Android.

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HL7 Analysis with Hadoop!

My first encounter with Hadoop, Bigdata, Ubuntu, Java & Python! Learing new things is a real fun.

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HL7 Analysis with NoSQL MongoDB - 2

I would like to thank all who read my article on HL7 analysis with NoSQL MongoDB - 1 and provided their valuable inputs. This has helped me improve the schema design & execute more queries for HL7 message analysis.

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