Friday 26 April 2013

HL7 Message Player

I was looking for something related to HL7 on Google & saw a link named HL7 Message Player. The name influenced me to follow the link.

It is a free utility by Caristix. I am bit confused on how to start because I do not want this article to look like product review or advertisement. These are couple of reasons that attracted me to write this small article.
  • It is free
  • A simple utility with interesting/innovative packaging. Can you imagine HL7 Message Player?

Well, the name and look of this utility are like media player but what is the role of player in HL7? This is where the curiosity starts and this curiosity made me to read about this utility.

When I started reading I found that I have used several other utilities that provide similar features. I have also developed some of these features for testing purpose. Almost every HL7 integration developer/tester uses this kind of solutions as part of their routine job for:
  • Testing a connection between HL7 interfaces
  • Receive & store/forward HL7 messages from other interface/system
  • Send HL7 messages to other interface/system

So what’s special about HL7 Message Player? HL7 Message Player does these things in much interesting way:
HL7 Message Player
  1. Record (like record button in audio/video tools)
    1. Starts receiving messages from external system on a port specified
    2. Stores the received messages
    3. I tested this feature by sending around 60K messages in one go & it recorded all & saved in a file in 12+ minutes.
  2. Play (like play button of media player)
    1. Starts sending the messages (recorded earlier) on ip:port specified
  3. Stop (like stop button in audio/video tools)
    1. Stops the current recording
    2. Saves the recorded messages in file This link will provide you more details about utility.
Many of us (interface developer/tester) would like a simple HL7 simulator & listener which sends/receives HL7 message on single click without doing much of the configurations.
I do not ask you to use this utility for your needs but this utility provides some interesting way to do your routine tasks. That’s what influenced me to write this small article.

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