Monday 17 August 2015

Mirth FHIR Technology Preview 1 with MongoDB

Mirth has recently released a FHIR listener as part of first version of it's FHIR Technology Previw. This lead me to explore FHIR after around 2 years.

This listener is available to download on Mirth site and can be installed like any Mirth extension.
FHIR listener comes with very good tutorial & a example channel. Example channel provided with FHIT Technology Preview 1 stores FHIR resources in PostgreSQL.
I have modified the sample channel to parse & store FHIR resources in MongoDB. This is simple FHIR server with create, update, delete, read & vread in simplest forms.
This modified channel can be downloaded from my github. Please use Mirth 3.2.2. Thanks to a discussion on Mirth forum between community users vpnath & narupley.

Few observations about Mirth's FHIR Technology Preview 1

  • Supports DSTU 1 only. DSTU 1 is official DSTU but most public FHIR servers support DSTU 2 and hope to see it in next preview.
  • Based on HAPI FHIR
  • Creates a simple FHIR server with minimum effort. Has few bugs though (these are discussed on forum)
  • Generates conformance with no effort.
  • It's based on Mirth's existing HTTP Listener. FHIR server developed on this will perform slow in serving concurrent requests.

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